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Kentucky Immigration Lawyers Help Clients Obtain Residency and Visas

Elizabethtown attorneys represent individuals, families and employers in immigration matters

The United States offers unlimited opportunities to people from around the world, but obtaining the required authorization to live or work here can be extremely complex. At Burnett Casey Griffin, PLLC in Elizabethtown, we represent clients throughout Kentucky in a full range of immigration and visa matters. Whether you are seeking a green card that signifies permanent residency status, looking to fill a job position, or hoping to bring a family member to America, our accomplished lawyers will advocate effectively for you. From handling temporary visas to U.S. citizenship, we know what it takes to pursue your dreams in the United States.

Accomplished law firm assists with all types of U.S. nonimmigrant visas

Many options exist for people who intend to enter the United States on a temporary basis. We can advise you on applying for these types of nonimmigrant visas depending on your status:

  • Students — Individuals who choose to pursue educational opportunities within the United States can obtain authorization through F1, J1 or M1 visas. We can assist you with the application and proof that you are meeting the courseload requirements.
  • Workers — Our firm helps to provide employers with the personnel they need by pursuing H-1B visas for skilled workers and H-2A or H-2B visas when seasonal assistance is required for work in fields such as tourism or agriculture.
  • Family members of lawful permanent residents — Green card holders can help bring spouses and unmarried children to this country. If you are hoping to have a loved one come to America, we will explain the preference rules and advise you of the possible waiting period.

For all immigration and visa matters, we provide a free initial consultation so that you can receive a clear, honest assessment of your choices before making a decision.

Skilled counselors provide full support for employment-based immigration

Approximately 140,000 employment-based immigration visas are issued by the United States each year. Various classifications exist, so whether you are a worker or employer, knowledgeable advice is necessary to understand how your particular case might proceed. Individuals of extraordinary ability, outstanding educators, and executives from multinational companies are given first priority. Our lawyers have the skill and background to prove that the necessary qualifications exist.

Compassionate advocates help those seeking asylum and refugee status

Our firm is committed to using our legal knowledge and experience to improve the lives of the people we serve. When individuals or families have been threatened or persecuted in their home countries, we strive to establish a safe haven for them within the United States. Refugee status is available to those outside the country who are eligible to be admitted here due to specific humanitarian concerns. Asylum can be granted to someone already in America who fears mistreatment in their homeland due to race, religion, nationality or political affiliation.

Knowledgeable advisers guide people through the citizenship process

After coming to this country, many people seek the full benefits and privileges of United States citizenship. However, the naturalization process can be long and difficult. From the initial eligibility standards through the documentation and testing requirements, we will help you handle each step. If you have been a permanent resident here for at least five years and wish to become an American citizen, we can tell you what requirements you need to meet.

Contact a dedicated Kentucky immigration lawyer for a free initial consultation

Burnett Casey Griffin, PLLC represents clients throughout Kentucky in all types of immigration and visa actions, as well as other legal matters. Please call 270-769-4618 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Elizabethtown office.

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